Our mission is to reduce malaria mortality in children, leveraging recent technological advances in connected health and human-centered design.

In Development


The TermoTell bracelet (TM) and the Termotell patch will monitor and analyze a child’s temperature and sweat patterns at real time.

Diagnostic Assistance Algorithm

Malaria patients have a unique temperature/sweat fingerprint that if properly monitored, could be used as an early diagnosis tool.

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Research & Education Tools

We are developing tools to collect qualitative data from communities that are at risk, understanding current prevention strategies and identifying use cases for successful implementation

Malaria in 2018

Malaria is still one of the top 5 causes of death in children.
Most children who die from malaria succumb to cerebral malaria, the deadliest complication of malaria with a mortality rate around 20%, usually within the first 24-48 hours after admission to hospital.

Our vision

Using biosensing, connected devices and pattern recognition, TermoTell could answer one of the most elusive problems when facing malaria: fast and accurate diagnosis.


Efrat Weidberg

Co-founder, Design & Technology

Julio Gallego Delgado, PhD

Co-founder, Science Lead

Thomas Mwakibinga

Engineering Lead

Jean-Pierre Beltran

Product Management Lead